Client Love

Megan R.

“I have been working with Molly using her Online Personal Training Program since June 2015. In 27 weeks I have gone from a US size 8 to 4 (Euro size 10 to 6) and have transformed my body. In late 2014/early 2015 I put on a lot of weight following a series of illnesses and decided to find a personal trainer to get myself back on track.

I’m a very disciplined person and don’t need a lot of hand holding. I also travel a fair amount and go to the gym extremely early so I need a fitness program that is flexible enough to fit my schedule and needs. Molly checks in regularly and customizes my workouts every week. Molly provides a table with the workouts, reps, sets and, if needed, the weight. When a new workout is introduced, she includes a video that explains and demonstrates the workout. Whenever I have a question Molly responds quickly and explains everything thoroughly.

I hope to continue working with Molly and I look forward to receiving my weekly workouts!”


Cait M.

“I have seen such a difference in my body in the past 3 weeks; it is insane. I tried on a bunch of shorts this morning that I wasn’t able to fit into a few weeks ago, and I was effing giddy…I had room to spare in the waist!!! This has been amazing for me and I will continue it…I will not go back to what I was. My whole mindset has changed!”



Eryn E.

“I’m down just over 4 lbs since we started last week. I’ve been following the nutrition more so than the workouts (although I’ll be getting into those too soon! :)) with some cheats here and there. I’m so excited!

I joined this because I knew it would keep me accountable in terms of making sure I don’t overeat carbs and sugars, or stress eat. Basically to teach me the right way to again, and I’m so glad I did.

Even though I haven’t been following it 100% of the time, I feel incredible and know that I’m back on track!!! Thanks for creating a rockin’ group, Molly!”


Angie B.

“With her butt-kicking workouts, Molly’s program challenged me to take my fitness to the next level. And the best part? I actually began to look forward to my morning bootcamp. Each workout was difficult but doable and left my muscles shaking while begging for more. By the end of the program, I was confidently using weights that I’d never even attempted to pick up in the gym.”