#prAnaLovesMe – Mindfully Made Clothing for Everyday

I’ve been vocal over the past few months about my desire to evolve Strong Girl Fitness into a business more focused around “whole body” wellness, as opposed to strictly fitness and nutrition.

I am a firm believer that our health and happiness goes far beyond just the physical. And during my research, and the undertaking of my own practice,  the environment and “green” lifestyles kept popping up. We’ve all heard the word eco-friendly, sustainable, responsible action….but what does it really mean and how is it connected to our overall wellbeing?

Enter prAna

You may already associate the brand prAna as a company that sells super cute yoga clothing (and yes they do, I’m obsessed).


But what I was so pleasantly surprised to find out recently is that they’ve created everyday pieces that are sustainable, fair-trade, recyclable and hemp! A big focal point for prAna is to give back and protect the environment. I can get on board with that!

This video explains exactly HOW prAna is making a difference with their sustainability movement.

Already being a huge fan of prAna as it is, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair of jeans and super cozy sweater tunic.


The Deedra Sweater Tunic is made from an organic cotton blend and is so comfy I could die. I can’t even tell you how much use I’ve got out of this sweater tunic already. I work in a cold office all day, and love to be snuggled up at home, and this sweater transitioned seamlessly. Whether I was wearing it paired with a pair of Kara Jeans (pictured above) and ankle boots, or a pair of black leggings and my Uggs, not only was I comfortable, I felt stylish (I received a ton of compliments while out-and-about, on the tunic especially), and GOOD about the fashion choice I made.

And I’m not talking good in the sense of, “Girlllllll, you look CUTE.” I mean, I did, but still…I’m talking about knowing that I was supporting a company that not only creates clothes for adventurous, fit chicks like us, but that mindfully makes items that support fair trade and sustainable practices.

Sustainable Practices & Our Health

So how does this all link back to whole body wellness, you ask? Fair Trade helps address many barriers to health care, including lack of access to health care or proper health care, not having enough money to afford a visit to a clinic or lack the transportation to get there. But may be more common for us is the inability to take time off of work to seek medical care. Beyond that, Fair Trade practices include less use of harmful pesticides in/on the products we use everyday, positively impacting our overall health.

Health and well-being easily sit alongside improving our environmental impact in a positive way. We are constantly learning new correlations between holistic health, sustainability and chronic diseases.

I strongly encourage you to do more research on Fair Trade practices and environmental sustainability. There is so much content out there, and I firmly believe, the more you educate yourself, the more empowered you can be over your whole body wellness and the environment.

If you like to support a company that is linked arm-in-arm with our community to do just that, please feel free to use this 15% off discount code (good through 11/22/17) – FFMPF17 – to purchase, and support, a great brand (and feel comfortable/stylish no matter what you’re doing that day).


Have your heard about sustainable practices before? If so, what are you doing to promote whole body wellness for yourself and the environment?

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