#FeelAmazingEveryday with Amazing Grass

I came home one evening from a brutal CrossFit workout to this Amazing Grass box of goodies!

Anytime a company takes the time to put in a hand-written note, I appreciate it so much 😊

I immediately drank the water and I don’t think I ever realized how CRISP water can taste! The tap water in Cincinnati is….not good. So it’s kind of pathetic how excited I get over bottled water. I also LOVE that I finally have a glass water bottle. I learn more and more about the health hazards of plastics, BPAs etc. I immediately went to work and tossed out my plastic bottles and solely drink out of the glass bottle now.

But the real winner of the care package? The Amazing Grass Super Food tablets!

I received tubes of both Berry and Lemon & Lime flavors. I’ve never been a huge fan of lemon/lime anything, but if YOU are, I guarantee you’ll loveeeeeee those tabs. My personal favorite? Berry. I had a feeling that would be the case before I even tried them. Beyond my love for the flavor, I was blown away by the ingredients of these little tabs.

Each of those tubes I received contains 10 tabs that you drop into a glass of plain ‘ol water. The tabs fizz up, and create this flavorful drink that packs 30 antioxidant rich super foods!

To start, I was using one tab a day. But I had a few weeks of craziness at work and wasn’t eating the whole meals I typically would have throughout the day. I decided to try and rely on these little tabs a little more during this time because while I didn’t have time to eat, I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t deal with any malnourishment. I quickly start to feel ‘off’ if my eating veers off its usual course. While I always prefer to get all of my vitamin requirements through foods, I felt comfortable knowing that each tab included 100% of my Vitamin C & E daily requirements, and I was still getting in the fruits & veggies my body needs to feel good.

I don’t know what it is, but I associate this stuff with sparkles & glowing ✨ It may sound a bit cliched, but I swear since drinking the Amazing Grass Green Superfood Effervescent daily, I FEEL like it’s helped my skin glow a little bit. And I’m always so self-conscious about the condition of my skin, especially on my face.

Question of the Day

If you’ve tried them before, what’s your favorite flavor – berry or lemon lime? And if you haven’t tried it & want to, use the code SWEATPINK17 for 40% off your order! You can purchase them directly through the Amazing Grass website or on Amazon.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Amazing Grass through my partnership with Sweat Pink. I was provided free product and compensation for my review. All opinions are my own.


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